Old Lifeboat House, Moelfre

This is the old lifeboat house at Moelfre, Anglesey. The image was captured at 2:30 pm, 5th July 2021 and was developed with Luminar AI.

It was shot at 10mm (APS-C – 15mm 35mm/ FF equivalent) ultra-wide angle, which is my favourite approach – and something I may not have mentioned before here at the new website.

I like convergence and diagonals in architecture, so I go close and wide!

The original lifeboat house was built in 1875 and replaced in 1909 at a location closer to the village.

Like a lot of my subjects, this is one I return to and capitalise on any changes to the surroundings – foreground items etc – and perhaps use a refreshed approach to the composition.


The above image was taken September 2018.

I prefer the later shot. What do you think? Comments welcome 🙂

Published by Peter Finch

I have been an electrical draughtsman, a retailer and, for 12 years, a photography tutor. In 2019, I took a job as an electrical technician and closed my tuition business. Am I now photography tutor emeritus ...?

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