Light, Trees and Boat at Hazlehurst Junction

This is an older image taken at 4pm on the 5th November 2016. I recently developed it from a single RAW file using On1 Photo Raw 2022.

The location is Hazlehurst Junction on the Caldon Canal at Denford, Staffordshire.

I usually prefer to develop high-contrast images from a bracketed set of exposures using the excellent On1 Photo Raw’s HDR blending function. But, strangely, in this case the the only-available single RAW file would appear to have sufficient data for the dynamic range of the scene.

As mentioned previously, the canal walk at Denford is a favourite of Gill and I, and one which we have done for many years. It’s a very picturesque canal with many photographic subjects.

It’s also a very relaxing and therapeutic walk for mindfulness and reflection. Something that Gill and I (me increasingly so of recent) seek from our walks whilst holidaying in the countryside.

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I have been an electrical draughtsman, a retailer and, for 12 years, a photography tutor. In 2019, I took a job as an electrical technician and closed my tuition business. Am I now photography tutor emeritus ...?

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